Bold Blade Update v1.0

Changes in v1.0 

  • (Steam) Zweihander and Crushing Cleaver achievements trigger separately
  • Shrines continue to exist in New Game+
  • (Steam) Bug Bosher achievement fixes
  • HUD fixes in Bug Bosher
  • Exit to map added to Bug Bosher menu
  • Mystic and Shop unlock in correct order 
  • Minislime, Demon larva, Spawned shooter fixes
  • Psi UI fix in Mentalist shop
  • Psi Thunder relabeled
  • Dungeon level door sprite edit
  • Boots of speed fix
  • Strike bonus display fix
  • Fix unlocks on New Game+
  • Psi menu HUD fix
  • After start New Game+ controls fix
  •  Bug Rancher UI fix

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