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Had a blast playing this. It was a lot of fun making an oversized sword and carving through enemies with momentum-based attacks. The game is a good example of a neat gameplay concept executed well. 

Glad you had fun, thanks for playing! We've got a few other small games here on itch


Heya, thanks so much for contributing Bold Blade to the bundle for racial equality and justice. I never would have gotten a chance to play the game otherwise and it was a really memorable game!

I wrote a review on my indie gaming site, and feel free to reach out if you have any comments or feedback on the review.


Ah yes, I remember the slacktivism bundle for feefees and soggy knees.

What a waste of time.

An interesting and fun game. 

This game did not release a native version for linux for some specific reason? I saw that you had another game with native support for linux.


Nice game, left a review. Bug boshers is bugged for me, I cannot take damage.


I was about to make a comment saying the same thing.


Really enjoyed this game! I love infinite upgrades.

FYI at some point during my first playthrough, I became invincible. I think it might have been after I bought the most expensive armor. 


Glad you had fun, thanks for checking it out!
Appreciate your report, will take note.




Hey this game is great!  it runs on my little cheapy Windows tablet!  brilliant combat design! I really like how the character controls.


Glad you're enjoying it! 
Didn't test on tablets, so a bit curious, how are you controlling it on a tablet- a keyboard or gamepad? Cool that you can play it on your tablet.


Awesome game! I had tons of fun with it and plan to keep on playing. I loved the ending. I can relate to the philosophy behind this game, will check out the rest of your games.

You are one of the chosen few to watch the ending animation. :) Glad you liked it!
We've released a few games now, a few are free on itch, hope you have fun with those too.


I gotta admit that I played this game for way longer than I thought I would. Nice game, looking forward for more.

Thanks for checking it out, very pleased you were so absorbed. That's one of the comments a dev loves to hear. We have a few more small free games here on itch ;)


I really loved this game. When I saw footage I thought it would be very one note but you added so much to do with your character! Really fun and worth a play so thank you for this unique experience. 


Thanks for trying it out, glad you enjoyed it. :)


I really enjoyed this game! Once I really figured out the swing, I had a blast running around the levels.New game plus was a truly great choice, to allow us to go even further with ridiculous sword sizes. I even started completely over once just to get back to the regular buster sword roots.

One issue I had, though: the bug shooter game seemed to bug out on my version where despite multiple hits on the marble, the game wouldn't end.

Glad you had fun! That was precisely the feel we were going for on the New Game +
Seems a simple enough fix to add an "exit bug shooter" button in case of bug issues, so at least you wouldn't be locked in. Might not be able to find the exact source of that bug without some reproduction steps.


this really reminds me of one of the unlockable minigames in wario ware was an action game where you spinned the character to kick the enemies

Never played that one, but I'll check it out, thanks!


Absolutely wonderful. I love the concept, and this is one of the few games I've looked at on that I kept playing after my initial review. I just want to grind out all the upgrades and see just how big the sword can get. 

Cool video, glad you had fun playing!

Fixed that damage bug, it'll be in the v1.02 patch, along with other adjustments and fixes. :)

Maybe when you play New Game+ you'll try the Psi Powers and other upgrades, haha.


I did start a new run where I'm gonna focus on psi powers, so we'll see how that goes.